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For Home Use:  (*Preschool programs, please scroll to bottom of page)

The Magical Adventures of Mr. Green Pony series is a set of engaging audio stories that can hold a child’s attention and a great alternative to screens! Adults can also listen along to enhance a child’s learning and attention skills if they become distracted.  Each story includes educational activities that promote listening, memory and creativity.

Themes: Through friendship with nature, Mr. Green Pony and his companions take magical adventures as they learn how to be kind, brave and green.  Little ones will meet the moon owl, a flying jellyfish and a royal reptile, the Princess Snake!  

*Recommended for ages 2-5 yrs. (but babies and older kids have enjoyed!)

  • Encourages Imagination

  • Screen-free, Active Learning

  • Promotes Listening & Memory

  • Positive messages about KINDNESS, BRAVERY AND NATURE

  • Promotes the growing brain

  • Gives parents a break without a screen!


  • Receive all 10 original stories in the Mr. Green Pony series. All on one web page.

  • 10 Educational Activities that accompany each story (printable PDF files or read off screen) Includes memory game, story discussion questions, nature activities and coloring pages! (6 pages for each story)

  • Bonus Stories throughout the year!

  • Monthly “Parent Tips”:  Includes creative ways to grow your child’s imagination, screen-free activity ideas and “Grammy Lisa’s Messages for Kids” (e.g. how to help a child deal with emotions, be kind, be brave)

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