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Concerns: Technology and Kids

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

A 2017 survey conducted by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation found among 907 Silicon Valley parents that despite high confidence in technology's benefits, many parents now have serious concerns about tech's impact on kids' psychological and social development.

"You can't put your face in a device and expect to develop a long-term attention span," Taewoo Kim of a major tech company in an interview Business Insider, Feb 18 2018

“NIH researchers have found that kids who are exposed for more than 2 hours to screens scored lower scores on thinking and language tests.” National Institute of Health, December 2018

"The Cincinnati Children’s Reading and Literacy Discovery Center have discovered that fast-paced TV shows have been shown to impair executive function in young childrenafter as little as 9 minutes of viewing.Wall Street Journal January 2019



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