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Let's get kids off screens and into Nature!

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Being in connection with the natural world is not only nurturing for a young child but essential for the planet. As natural historian and BBC broadcaster David Attenborough so eloquently reminds us, "every breath of air, every mouthful of food we eat comes from the natural world. It's not just a question of beauty or wonder, it's an essential ingredient of life. If we damage the natural world, we damage ourselves."

The Magical Adventures of Mr. Green Pony help little ones remember their relationship with nature (and us, too!) Find a nature center in your area and see if they have a preschool program/nature outings for your child. Or, use an activity kit or idea from a Mr. Green Pony story and dig up some dirt, plant a seed to attract butterflies, create a fairy garden, or just walk outside and point out different things you see like the sun, clouds, trees, birds, etc. (Or, let your child show you the magic of nature ---they know! They just need to get out there!)



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